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Our work with streetwear legends Carhartt is the perfect illustration of our tailored service. Their talented music department had already created an incredible sound but they needed the tools to keep their global network of stores on brand.

The Label

A leading brand in the USA since 1889, Carhartt Work In Progress introduced their authentic designs to Europe in the 1990s and is now the largest streetwear brand in the market.

The label is synonymous with urban lifestyle and is held high regard by the skateboarding and BMX scene for it’s dedication to creativity and support of local scene musicians, riders and artists.

carhartt interior carhartt interior

The Challenge

Carhartt's in-house team was already delivering an amazing music strategy which ranged from creating original content such as radio shows and mixes, to organising festivals and gigs.

What they needed was a platform to deliver this music content to their stores and franchise partners across the globe but that gave them complete control from their head office in Dusseldorf.

carhartt womenswear carhartt womenswear

Our Solution

First, we incorporated their huge existing catalogue of Carhartt radio shows, original DJ sets and brilliant mixes into our cloud-based delivery system.

To speed updates, a workflow was designed to ensure new content could be quickly added as it became available.

We then installed Revolution music players in each store and created a control hub at their European HQ so Carhartt could remotely access their whole estate.

carhartt Christmas Window carhartt Christmas Window

The Outcome

We weren’t the only company Carhartt spoke to but we were the only one able to offer anywhere near the degree of flexibility the iconic brand required.

Our tools give Carhartt hands-on music control coupled with a fast-response delivery platform to keep the music in-store fresh.

From receiving new mixes in the afternoon, we can have each store’s music profile updated across the world overnight and the tunes playing in-store the next morning.

What they say

"By working with c-burn music in all our Carhartt WIP Stores worldwide, we are finally able to constantly redefine the musical DNA of the brand.

Still, all store managers have the freedom to pick their faves from what we offer them through c-burn. Established in 2012 the service is much loved by all our departments."

Philipp Maiburg. Head of Music Global and Marketing Manager - Carhartt WIP

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