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Founded by Nick Jones in 1995, Soho House & Co. has grown from its Greek St private members club origins into a worldwide brand synonymous with all things current and cool. We’ve been working with them since 2007 and provide the soundtrack for all of the venues in their ever-expanding estate.

The Challenge

As the group grew from its roots in Soho, it sought to offer its membership a complete lifestyle experience giving them the opportunity to exercise, work and play all within a familiar and comfortable environment.

Soho House & Co’s offer has expanded to include workout spaces, Cowshed spas and street-focused casual dining in the form of their Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger restaurant concepts.

New landmark Houses have opened in the best cities across the globe, and each of these venues require a constantly honed soundtrack reflecting the sophisticated playfulness that the company has become renowned for.

Our Solution

With such a diverse portfolio of venues and an A-List audience made up of media professionals, celebrities and up-and-coming taste leaders, the music has to be perfect - everywhere, every day.

To keep it on track, we put ourselves in the mix, with a methodology of regular visits across the whole estate so that we can live and breathe the company, its values and those of its clientele.

In our rolling programme, we visit around fifteen venues each month, sampling the music and how it complements the mood and surroundings. Staff can tell us their experience, offer suggestions and make requests. We even get a chance to provide feedback on the excellent food & service.

Although time-consuming, the invaluable insights provided by these visits are critical to our work of managing each venue’s music policy. We regularly meet with senior members of the Soho House team to review our findings and evolve the sound in line with our mutual conclusions.

The Outcome

From the most intimate of restaurant spaces, across gyms, bars and work-zones, Soho House & Co trust us to provide the playlists to create the perfect soundtrack for members and guests from Los Angeles to Istanbul.

Delivering that soundtrack is handled by our ever-reliable Revolution music players which, with their multi-zone capabilities, give an easy-to-manage platform that takes the hassle out of an expanding estate.

Constant research and quick response times are key to our relationship with Soho House & Co and we’re delighted for the recognition that we’re able to consistently deliver to the high standards such a prestigious brand requires.

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